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Eimex views technology in a different light.

We provide breakthrough consulting in laser and optics technologies, at the intersection of physics, engineering and computer science. Our peerless expertise in using applied physics to unlock technological riddles translates into innovative solutions that meet your company's unique needs.

Whether you are designing a new product or need help getting an existing product to perform properly—or even if you need assistance with basic science—EIMEX can diagnose and demystify the problem, design and deliver custom solution alternatives, and guide your decision-making process.

After more than thirty years of working with lasers and light applications as well as computer modeling, we're confident that EIMEX can maximize your technological success and support your overall business goals.

We offer services in custom scientific modeling, lasers, solar energy, inertial confinement fusion, expert witness services for patent defense in lasers and optics, and laser injury.

Eimex. We bring technology solutions to light.




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