Lasers, Optical Systems & Optics



Eimex excels in delivering a broad array of laser and optical technology solutions. From small diode lasers to large, solid-state lasers used for fusion, Eimex brings more than thirty years of experience to bear on your specific project.

Applications range from medical dermatology to satellite communications to military systems, and more. The Eimex team functions like the lasers they design and construct for clients: asking the right questions, clarifying precisely what is needed, and customizing the appropriate solution, every time.

Areas of expertise include:


Laser Systems
     • Solid State systems
     • Diode Laser Systems
     • Fiberoptic Systems
     • Ultrafast Systems
     • Nonlinear Optical Subsystems

Laser Science and Optical Technology
     • Diode Lasers
     • Fiber Optics
     • Traditional Optics
     • Scattering
     • Solid State Lasers
     • Gas Lasers
     • Gratings
     • Dispersive Elements

Laser-Materials Interactions
     • Metals
     • Ceramics
     • Human Tissue
     • Biological Tissue
     • High Temperature Plasmas


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