David Eimerl


A physicist can explain how the natural world works. A computer scientist can model possible solutions. And an engineer knows how to apply this information to solve technical problems. David Eimerl, Ph.D., is singularly successful in doing all three.

Dr. Eimerl blends a unique background in physics, engineering and information technology to create pioneering results with lasers and optics technologies. A recognized thought leader whose understanding of the fundamental principles of nature informs and complements his computer modeling expertise, Dr. Eimerl will:
     •diagnose the functional challenges of laser and optics technology products,
     •design and deliver customized solutions,
     •astutely predict and prioritize outcomes, and
     •help you select the appropriate course of action.

Dr Eimerl is well-known for building innovative and efficient yet complete computer models of physical and optical systems that help his customers get products to market with minimum wasted effort. Affectionately dubbed "an Einstein for the cyber age," Dr. Eimerl is an innovative conceptual designer who holds several patents in laser and laser-medical technologies. During his more than thirty years developing software applications for complex laser and optical devices, he has published over 145 research papers in peer-reviewed physics, engineering and computer science journals.

Following a distinguished career with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, most recently as Chief Scientist/Laser Science and Technology responsible for interdisciplinary, multimillion-dollar projects, Dr. Eimerl founded EIMEX Inc. to address an unmet market need. Drawing on his proficiency in both science and technology, he personally architects customized computer code solutions for technology and medical device companies, as well as academic research institutions.

Dr. Eimerl has served in about twenty cases as an expert witness in his field of lasers and laser-materials interactions. He is recognized for explaining potentially complex scientific matters straightforwardly. His expert witness experience encompasses:
     •intellectual property protection,
     •patent infringement,
     •technical analysis,
     •expert reports,
     •testimony, and
     •demonstrative evidence.

Dr. Eimerl holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University in Theory: Sub-Nuclear Physics and Scattering, and an M.A. in Physics (summa cum laude) from Oxford University in Oxford, England.

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